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Associate researcher of the Faculty of Bioethics publishes Dictionary of Global Bioethics

Dictionary of global bioethics

In this new publication, Hank ten Have approaches the Global Bioethics from a present-day point of view.

With over 500 entries, this dictionary covers organizations working in the field of global bioethics, international documents concerning bioethics, personalities that have played a role in the development of global bioethics, as well as specific topics in the field.

Although, the aim of the book are students and professionals, the dictionary can also serve as a basic tool that explains relevant ethical notions and terms to people off the ambit.

Henk ten have and Maria do Céu Patrão Neves, tends to explain a new point of view about ideals of cosmopolitanism, such as solidarity, equality, respect for difference and concern with what human beings- and specifically patients - have in common, regardless of their backgrounds, hometowns, religions, gender, etc. Global problems such as pandemic diseases, disasters, lack of care and medication, homelessness and displacement call for global responses. And demonstrates that a moral vision of global health is necessary and it helps to quickly understand the basic ideas of global bioethics.

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