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Venancio Chimchenga

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What I am doing as a Bioethicist that I would like to share:


1. How have your studies in bioethics complemented your priest life?

Bioethics has added great value to my Priestly life. Firstly, Bioethics has transformed me as a person. Bioethics has assisted me to be more efficient in solving modern day problems. I am more efficient in solving my personal problems as well as those of others. As a Priest a lot of people come to you for advice and counseling. A priest is considered as a giant of all trades. The malt dimension approach which bioethics employs has assisted me to look at issues, multi- dimensionally. It is becoming easier to assist people to solve their spiritual, social–economic problems. Thank you, Anahuac University, for the opportunity you gave me to study Bioethics and get formed.


2. How do you impact your community/students with your work or projects related to bioethics?

As a Parish Priest I have set up programs where I am meeting Parish youths-we are dealing with teen age pregnancies, substance abuse, contraceptives, and suicide; Catholic men organization members (CMO) and Catholic Women Organization (CWO)- we are dealing with issues of suicide and gender-based violence. I meet each group once a month. Of course, during my daily homilies, I include and use bioethical principles. We are having social inquiries. Using bioethical principles Christians are assisted to have mind set change-to think and act with respect to human life, human dignity, and human rights. If a person has respect for human beings, human dignity, and human rights definitely he or she is and will act in accordance with Devine will.


3. What kind of bioethical issues do you encompassing at your community?

My community is living in digital period with a lot of influence from social media and globalization. So many things are happening and very fast. We have bioethical issues of abortion, family planning and contraceptives, Gender based violence, teen age pregnancies, excessive beer drinking, suicide, trade exploitation, and general moral decay.


4. Do you have any publication in bioethics/ethics?

No. But there is one publication-pending- which has been sent to Springer publishers. I hope by the end of this year, I will make one or two publications.


5. Do you belong or are you a member of any association/committee related to bioethics/ethics?

Yes, I belong to Malawi Bioethics Network.


6. Do you recommend the postgraduate program you were part of? What was your experience?

Very much so! And I would recommend that it be done with my beloved /alma mater-Anahuac University. Bioethics is so reach and a best tool to solve modern day challenges.

The course is so nice but rigorous and tough. It is not for lazy people because it is very involving. So much so that one needs; the will to do it, self-discipline, interest in it and hard work




Fecha de publicación: Julio 2022