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Sacred Art

Knowledge of the periods, authors, characteristics and tools for the interpretation of sacred art

  1. Sacred art
  2. Liturgy and sacred art
  3. History and geography of liturgy
  4. Liturgical communication and its structural elements in Mexico
  5. Sacred art at the service of liturgy in Mexico
Black legends of the Catholic Church

Learn the history of the Church moments that have become famous and find out what really happened.


Dignity of the human body

Deepening of the characteristics of the human being to establish a shared dignity through respect and understanding.

  1. Reductionism of corporeality in the modern age
  2. Anthropological dimension
  3. Sexuality and transcendence
  4. Meaning and purpose of the body
Courtship, engagement and marriage

Examination of the characteristics of human love, courtship and its stages, as well as the importance of engagement towards the eventual arrival of marriage.


Talmudic Practices for Today's Jew

Study of the wisdom of the people of Israel as embodied in the Talmud. Knowledge of Hebrew is required.

  1. The sacred texts of Judaism
  2. The chain of tradition
  3. Self-knowledge
  4. The mitzvot
Judaism, life cycle

Holidays, customs, beliefs and richness of life in Judaism

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