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The Reinauguration of the Center for Postgraduate Studies: A Symbol of Innovation and Leading-Edge Design

The Reinauguration of the Center for Postgraduate Studies:  A Symbol of Innovation and Leading-Edge Design

Measuring 6,680 square meters, the building is fitted with the latest infrastructure and network technology to attend to the needs of students and faculty members.

In our commitment to meet the demands of today and tomorrow, this Monday, March 28, we will be reinaugurating the Center for Postgraduate Studies on our North Campus. By virtue of its cutting-edge design, serviceability and distribution, this space ranks among the top educational centers of its kind in Latin America and the world.

Measuring 6,680 square meters, the space is fitted with the latest technology and infrastructure to attend to the needs of the university community. Renovations were made to enhance the building’s capacity, sound insulation and lighting, which further accentuate the facilities' magnitude and versatility. These improvements will facilitate collaborative efforts and networking between students and professors, and will consequently enrich university life overall.


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Our rector, Dr. Cipriano Sánchez García, L.C., delivered a monumental speech during the ceremony: “I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the deep commitment of Anahuac University in Mexico City. Our institution has created and developed a postgraduate program that meets the educational needs of Mexico and the globe.”

“This occasion is more than just celebrating the launch of high-tech classrooms; it is about creating an environment in which people can be inspired to dedicate themselves, their lives, their families, their country and the planet as a whole to propagating the concepts of growth and prosperity that are rooted in a respect for human dignity,” he asserted.

In his speech, the rector underlined the importance of recognizing that the university is made up of people, making it is essential to provide spaces in which they can come together and build a community. “These spaces,” he said, “are at the service of the people and are meant to respond to the ever-evolving innovations in education and to the demands of society.”

At the helm of the remodeling project was BROISSIN Architects, which has designed a number of exceptional architectural spaces, including the Roberto Cantoral Cultural Center and the interior of the Anahuac Mexiquense Cultural Center. The firm is headed by a remarkable architect in his own right and graduate of Anahuac, Gerardo Broissin (class of ‘98), who is also the current director of our Faculty of Architecture.


The ceremony was led by Dr. Cipriano Sánchez and father Alberto Simán, L.C., territorial director of the Legionaries of Christ for Mexico and Central America.  Also among those present, in addition to the university’s executive leaders and benefactors, we find: Jaime Valls Esponda, general secretary of the National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES); Dr. Romina Contreras, mayor of Huixquilucan; Gerardo Monroy, secretary of Education of the State of Mexico, representing the state governor, all of whom applauded the center’s facilities and praised the university’s impetus to build a first-rate academic postgraduate program in Mexico.

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This event included a light and sound show, a ribbon-cutting ceremony and tours of the newly renovated facilities led by Dr. Ingrid García Solís, director of Anahuac’s Postgraduate Studies and Continuing Education, and Gerardo Broissin, the aforementioned head architect of the remodeling project. During the tour, participants had the opportunity to learn about the renovation project and about the 98 postgraduate programs offered by the center, which include 18 doctorates, 48 master’s degrees and 32 specializations.

All programs have been accredited and certified nationally and internationally, and in addition to having access to new modern facilities, students can expect a teaching methodology based on academic excellence and innovation. 

The Anahuac community would like to thank the university’s executive leaders and benefactors, whose support has contributed to the strengthening of the postgraduate studies program in Mexico, not only owing to the center’s quality programs, but in light of its cutting-edge facilities.


Reinauguramos el Centro de Estudios de Posgrado, un edificio innovador y de vanguardia mundial


Quick Facts about Anahuac’s Postgraduate Programs:

•    Anahuac’s first postgraduate program was a Master’s degree in Education, created in 1985 and its first doctorate was a Doctorate in Education, created in 1992.

•    In total, the university offers 98 postgraduate programs: 18 doctorates, 48 master’s degrees and 32 specializations.

•    The Anahuac MBA program was recognized among the top two programs nationwide according to the 2021 ranking of the magazine Expansión.

•    In 2022, the Faculty of Communication’s Doctorate degree in Communication Research (DEIC) was reinstated under the auspices of the National System of Postgraduate Studies (formerly the National Program of Quality Postgraduate Studies, known as PNPC) of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT).

•    Anahuac has over 300 partnerships with companies and institutions, both in the public and private sectors, in order to offer more individuals the opportunity to study a postgraduate degree in Mexico.

•    Four out of every 10 students studying a postgraduate degree at Anahuac receive a full or partial scholarship to conduct their studies.

•    Since 2021, the university offers access to the Anahuac Center for Leadership and Integral Formation in Postgraduate Studies, a space that offers opportunities for professional development through ethical and anthropological dialogue, which seeks to enrich the professional lives of students and teachers, founded on the values of Christian humanism.


For more information:
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Edith Yazmín Montes Incín

Director of Postgraduate Studies and Continuing Education 
Dr. Ingrid García Solís