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"Neuroethics and Epilepsy"

"Neuroethics and Epilepsy"

During the session, ethical and moral problems within epilepsy were discussed, as well as the experiences that each of the experts have had on the subject.

On March 13, 2021, the conference “Neuroethics and Epilepsy. A conversation with neuroexperts” was imparted by BINCA group of the Faculty of Bioethics of the Anahuac University

Presentations were made by neuro experts specialized in the subject, Dr. Mariel Kalkach, Dr. Rosario Ciliento, Dr. Germán Carreto, Dr. Guillermo Palchik, , Dr. Ana Velasco, Dr. Aaron Stuck, and Dr. David Trejo, one of our students was also invited to participate Dr. Pasquale Gallo. Despite the time differences and being in different countries 10 students from our MGB representing the 4 class were present at the seminar.

Some of the Students comments where:

“The session was very informative and resonated well with what I have learned so far in Neuroethics. The real-life examples shared by the panelist made it much easier to understand the ethical issues”, “Excellent Conference, Congratulations!”, “Congrats. All BINCA are amazing”, comments made by the students of the Master in Global Bioethics about the lecture given, the observations made by the participants are highly appreciated by the researchers.

““The different approaches to the same topic were very interesting and relevant”, In addition to valuable contributions, the master students expressed their enthusiasm in continuing to listen to the lectures given on the same or similar topics.

Ascribed to the Interdisciplinary Chair in Clinical Bioethics the group BINCA (Bioética Clínica y Neuroética Anáhuac) constantly organizes spaces of discussion to such a relevant subject Neuroethics. BINCA was very grateful for the participation, as well as the comments received. Assistance is very important to continue enriching the talks, in addition to making them more dynamic for the enrichment of information within them.


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