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Anahuac University, venue for the Certification Exam in Critical Medicine

Anahuac University, venue for the Certification Exam in Critical Medicine

Our South Campus is proud to have hosted the practical certification exam for the Mexican Board of Critical Medicine for its class of 2024.

On January 11 and 12, 2024, the Anahuac Clinical Simulation Center (CASIC) of the School of Health Sciences South Campus was the venue for the evaluation of 276 candidates from different states for the Certification Exam in Critical Medicine of the Mexican Council of Critical Medicine, A.C.

Dr. Ariana Cerón Apipilhuasco, CASIC general coordinator, and her team of CASIC instructors and external instructors carried out this evaluation using precise logistics and considerable effort.

It is a milestone event as Anahuac Mexico University becomes the first private institution in the country to host this test, not only for one group of specialists but for all the specialty boards in Mexico.
Dr. Ariana Cerón shared her enthusiasm: "We are delighted because, for the first time, we are celebrating holding a national certification exam in Critical Medicine using the Clinical Simulation strategy. We have the infrastructure and trained personnel to carry out this type of exam. Due to its complexity, an exam like this had never been held in Mexico".

The simulation methodology used, with an ECOE-type examination model, allowed the participants to be evaluated over long days, from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. This innovative and challenging approach involved the participation of biomedical engineers to make real-time adjustments in response to the decisions made by the physicians.



The exhaustive preparation for this examination lasted eight months and involved the collaboration of more than 32 medical specialists in the field. These specialists defined the cases to guarantee the objectivity of the evaluations.

When talking to some of those assessed, such as Oved Isaía Aguilera Olvera, Iván Gustavo de la Cruz Lara, and Oliver Aguilar Salgado, the satisfaction of reaching this crucial point in their studies was underlined. This highlights the importance of feedback and self-assessment in resolving critical scenarios.

This event consolidates Anahuac Mexico University's position as a leader in the training and evaluating of Critical Care Medicine professionals, contributing significantly to advancing quality in specialized medical care.

*Collaboration with Crisette Romero Lugo, Content Editor.

For more information:
Dr. Salvador Bueno Valenzuela
School of Health Sciences